o7: Thursday Dec 11 - 20:00 EVE Time | EVE Online

o7: Thursday Dec 11 - 20:00 EVE Time

2014-12-10 - By CCP Guard

Your favorite internet spaceship television show airs LIVE tomorrow (Thursday) on our Twitch channel and we can't wait to see you in chat!

A lot of great things have happened in and around EVE lately so there's plenty to talk about. In this last episode of the year we'll take a look at what our wonderful community is up to these days, We´ll premiere a developer spotlight on our trailer team - fresh off the release of 'This is EVE', we'll talk with CCP Mankiller and CCP Nullarbor about Rhea and,last but not least, we'll sit down with Executive Producer CCP Seagull and Lead Game Designer CCP Scarpia to round things off.

Community Manager CCP Falcon will also be in Twitch Chat wearing his Santa hat and looking for a few lucky people who have room in their hangar for a Quafe Megathron because he has too many lying around.

See you!