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Twitch Plays EVE needs your support!

2019-11-11 - By CCP Convict

Today, between 18:00 – 22:00 UTC (EVE Time), we are issuing a rallying call to all capsuleers to come and try out the community-developed Twitch Plays EVE (TPE) extension on Twitch!

The TPE extension is currently a top 5 candidate in the Twitch DevJam 2019, and a wave of capsuleer support by way of viewing and interacting with the extension could help it to win!

What is Twitch Plays EVE?

TPE offers a new way for capsuleers to experience EVE Online by putting players 'aboard' a single ship. With too many commanders at the helm, each of whom can influence what happens by selecting commands that overlay the video stream, it could be chaotic, anarchic, or orderly! Will mining, ship spinning, or exploding win out? Who knows! Be a part of it and help decide.

TPE started broadcasting in November 2019 and already has a PvP kill to its name! The project was developed by the EVE community, led by Johnny Splunk and his team. They offered a great set of starting activities and have just recently added the ability to fleet up and hack Data/Relic sites. Over time, even more fun activities will be added. In addition, there are challenges issued and hilarious interactions in Twitch chat as players vie for control of the ship.

We’re always excited to see what our players come up with, and with your help, we want to support TPE winning DevJam 2019. Head over to the stream today and share in the chaos.