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Twitch vs EVE 3

2020-03-21 - By CCP Convict

Fan favorite Twitch Vs EVE is returning to Twitch on Saturday, 21 March for its third instalment! A fleet of EVE Online streamers will form up, each with experienced fleet commanders in their ranks, and they will go looking for trouble and fights all across New Eden.

CCP devs, GMs and ISDs will also be participating in the fleet with the streamers and whether you choose to tune in on Twitch or fly out to meet the roaming fleets in combat you're sure to have a good time!

This year the 5 FCs from across New Eden are: Bjorn Bee, Pandoralica, Virion, Greygal and BalefulDysnomia.

There will be prizes for players who earn killmails, such as PLEX, SKINs and tons of other giveaways across the streams to thank the community for their support of EVE Online’s content creators.

Be sure to tune into Twitch from 20:00 EVE time, find who you want to watch and join the fun!