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Two New Chronicles Bring Holiday Cheer to New Eden

2008-12-25 - By Svarthol

The holidays are always a special time in New Eden, filled with family, good food, slavery and the occasional state-sponsored execution. It's a wonderful time of the year, and our two newest Chronicles bring the warmth directly to the heart of any capsuleer.

In his newest Chronicle, "Chained to the Sky," CCP Gnauton liberates more information about life as a slave in the Amarr Empire. Something is afoot, and it may have far-reaching consequences for the certain members of the slave population in the Amarr Empire.

In CCP Abraxas' "Two Deaths," we witness the warm, passionate homecoming of New Eden's two most notorious traitors, Anvent Eturrer of the Gallente Federation and Chamberlain Karsoth of the Amarr Empire.

These are two new EVE Chronicles. They are short-stories written by CCP staff and are intended to examine the various aspects of life in New Eden. The entire list is contained here.