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Unified Inventory: Changes Coming Your Way This Friday!

2012-05-30 - By CCP Soundwave

Hello Spacefriends!

We deployed a number of fixes for the Unified Inventory yesterday (along with some other general Inferno updates). I’m here to tell you a little bit about the next round of fixes and when they’ll be live.

We have been listening carefully to the feedback we have been hearing from the community and as a result, the team is working towards another deployment this Friday the 1st of June. What we’re aiming to include in that patch is:

Inventory Handling

  • If you use a shortcut to open a specific inventory/bay, that window will open in the compact and separate mode.
  • Inventories like the ship hangar, item hangar and item containers will maintain their position/layout when separated, even if you undock and then redock.
  • When you want to open an inventory in a separate window, you can now drag and drop it out of the main window as an alternative to the shift + click way of opening it.
  • Fixed a bug where the estimated price wouldn’t change when dragging between open windows
  • Fixing a bug that produces an error when trying to stack in a full cargohold.
  • Fixing a performance issue relating to unlocking large amounts of items


  • We’re adding a tree structure to POSs, so the list of modules isn’t just one long list of every POS module there.
  • We’re adding a visual indicator to show if you’re in range of a certain container or not, much like the overview has it. That should filter down the number of options in a very nice and visible way.

That’s it for this week. We'll of course continue applying fixes as they're ready.

I will post another update later this week to what further changes we’re doing. Please keep the feedback on the feature coming so we can continue to adjust it.


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