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Unrest in Konora Over Food Shortages, Two Dead in Rioting

2009-07-06 - By Svarthol

Konora, Metropolis – An unusually prolonged shortage of food among industrial colony workers in the Konora system has led to weeks of unrest which yesterday escalated into deadly violence. When rumours circulated yesterday morning that large stockpiles were being held at Freedom Extension's orbital storage facility, a food riot ensued. The violence claimed two lives as corporate security fought to stop rioters from breaking into the station's storage bays.

Similar violence at the Kaalakiota Corporation's food processing station in Konora was averted when security swiftly took the decision to close the station to passenger traffic and forcibly deport civilians on outgoing shuttles. It is understood that Kaalakiota had quietly stepped up its Konora security contingent in response to the food shortage and an increased level of pirate activity in the less secure systems of the Hulf constellation.

Freedom Extension station administrator Korlo Seycha has issued a statement denying that large stockpiles are present in his facility. A certified inventory attached to his statement shows that the facility contains normal stocks that any station would require to run for a period of weeks. All other storage bays on the station are shown to be either empty or holding ore, processed minerals and metal components awaiting shipment. The raised threat level from pirates, believed to be Angel Cartel raiding parties, has contributed to the food shortages as a number of supply convoys have been lost in recent weeks.

In light of the violence, seasoned observers of interstellar governance say that hard questions will be asked by regional authorities as to why the situation in Konora was allowed to become so bad without outside assistance being requested. One source within the regional office of the Republic Parliament indicated that the central government itself would almost inevitably become involved given the deaths.