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Update To EVE Online: Ascension Celebratory Rewards!

2016-11-07 - By CCP Falcon

As was previously announced on September 9th, there will be a whole host of celebratory rewards coming with the release of EVE Online: Ascension. 

Due to the fact that the date of deployment has shifted by one week, we need to make several updates to the rewards that will be coming with this release:

  • All criteria for ship rewards (Gnosis, Sunesis & Apotheosis) maintain their cutoff dates of November 8th and remain unchanged.
  • Any pilot who has subscribed for a month or more, on or before November 15th will receive the Gnosis "Crimson Harvest YC118" SKIN. (Date moved from November 8th)
  • Any pilot who is subscribed on the 15th will receive the Genolution Combat Suit and the Genolution Goggles. (Date moved from November 8th)

We hope this clarifies the criteria for the issue of these celebratory rewards after the announcement of the date change for the deployment of EVE Online: Ascension.