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(Updated) Post Deployment Known Issues

2006-08-23 - By Svarthol

There are a small number of Known Issues on Tranquility as a result of yesterday's Dragon code branch deployment. The major issues are as follows:

  • Updated: New courier missions are scheduled for deployment in a patch this Tuesday.
  • There is a display error when putting a BP on escrow. BPOs appear to be copies, but copies with unlimited runs. BPCs appear to be originals, but with limited runs. This is a high priority issue. Do not purchase a BP with escrow unless you are certain of its type. Players caught exploiting this issue will be banned.
  • The Stasis Webifier I is shown as Shadow Serpentis Webifier in clients with german language enabled. This mislabeling is a bug and will be fixed as soon as possible. However, this is being used to scam via escrow missions at the moment. Again, players caught exploiting this will be banned.
  • The Dev team is aware of an issue concerning petitions submitted through the website. If you need to submit a petition, please do so through the in-game interface. This is a high priority issue being worked on.
  • If you are attempting to play EVE and your client does not start, we recommend you reinstall EVE with a fresh client download.

The Known Issues page will continue to be updated as post-deployment issues are identified.

We apologize for the inconvenience and lost play-time caused by these issues and the length of yesterday's code branch deployment.