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Updates from Customer Support - Billing, Character Transfer, Portrait Swap & ETC Trading

2007-09-19 - By Svarthol

As you may have noticed there has been some issue floating around in the last few days, and we wanted to give you all an update.

The Billing Queue

As you may recall we introduced a system to prevent Credit Card fraud and increase security about 5 days ago, an unfortunate side effect of this was that we received more Billing petitions than normal with the effect that our response time increased. Ironically this was just after we announced that our Billing queue was down to 24 hours response time or less. However, our GMs have worked hard since then and we will be down to our 24 hours or less response time to these petitions within the next day. In some cases you may still experience that your subscription does not renew, if this is the case, please submit a petition in the Billing & Account category and we will help you sort it out.

Please note that both the Character Transfer and Portrait Swap goes through the new Credit Card fraud prevention and security system, please petition should you have any issues using these systems.

Character Transfer

The day before yesterday we reported that our Character Transfer system was broken, this has now been fixed and you are now able to transfer characters again.

Portrait Swap

Some of you may have experienced that after your portrait swap the new portrait would revert to the old one on the forums. This has been fixed, but should you encounter it, you never know, please make sure you petition and we will fix it for you.

ETC Trading

A while ago we introduced the safe way to sell and buy time codes for in game currency, so called ETC's. Trading them the old way was still allowed but not supported. Today we are taking the next step and disallowing the trade of ETC's for in game currency outside of the Secure ETC trading system. Anyone found to be trading ETC's for in game currency via EVE-mails, or any other method, will receive an official warning on their account, and may possibly lose their ISK, depending on the circumstances.