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Ushra'Khan Protest Alleged CONCORD Favour to Amarr

2011-01-07 - By Svarthol

Yulai, Genesis - On the 18.12.112 Ushra'Khan [UNITY] lead a protest against CONCORD. According to Forlorn Wongraven, a UNITY official, The Star Fraction and Electus Matari alliances also attended the protest to express their disapproval for CONCORD's perceived "pro-Amarrian bias."

The protest began at 21:00 and was held, according to Rye Contini "against CONCORD's pro-Amarrian bias" and "favoritism." Ushra'Khan claim this manifests in many forms, including the recent replacement of all learning skill books with copies of the Pax Amarria. Forlorn Wongraven said CONCORD favoritism towards the Amarr Empire was "more than obvious." UNITY sources have said that they will assault and kill anyone who aids the Amarr nation or supports slavery, and that anyone who acts in favor of the Amarr Empire's rules and regulations "deserves to die."

During the protest, which has been summed up as "peaceful" by the organizers, Ushra'Khan representatives claim to have destroyed around five thousand copies of the Pax Amarria, many inside a Harbinger battlecruiser, which was, according to its pilot Kazzzi, (a former PIE pilot who defected to Ushra'Khan) "issued several years ago by an Amarrian paramilitary capsuleer corporation." Kazzzi, who was the pilot of the destroyed Harbinger class ship, stated that He went on to say that Ushra'Khan will accept a reform of CONCORD instead of its removal and that is why they are engaging in peaceful protests rather than an open war.

Aralis of Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] - a long-standing Amarr loyalist alliance - said he found the allegations against CONCORD strange as he considered the organization to have severely hampered CVA's efforts to expand the Empire's territory into Providence. According to Aralis, CVA will not take any hostile actions against the protests.

Neither [-SF-] nor [-EM-] representatives could be reached to confirm or comment on their alleged participation in the event.

Since the anti-CONCORD protest of 18.12.112, Ushra'Khan have not organized any further protest against CONCORD and no statement from CONCORD has been received so far.

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UNITY protest invitation
Protest transcript

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