Vanguard Patch Notes Now Available! | EVE Online

Vanguard Patch Notes Now Available!

2015-09-24 - By CCP Falcon

We are happy to announce that the patchnotes for the next EVE Online release, Vanguard, are now available.

Vanguard will be deployed during downtime on Tuesday, September 29th and brings a whole host of changes including updated shaders for all stations and outposts, multi-buy, the addition of a whole host of new "Blue Tiger" skins, a new Guristas burner mission, multiple UI fixes and improvements, and changes to Entosis Links. 

In addition to this, Vanguard brings the long awaited battlecruiser rebalance, and new visual functionality for wormhole polarization and jump invulnerability cloak timers.

You can check out more information about these features on the EVE Updates website, and view the full patch notes here.