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Vherokior Spiritual Leader Mounts Expedition

2008-03-10 - By Svarthol

By far the most spectacular response to the riddle of the new stellar object comes to us from Minmatar space. Saynen Grulliver, a shaman of the Vherokior Tribe is reported to be assembling an expedition that shall venture beyond the galactic rim towards the object. "This strange bright star that has appeared in the skies of all New Eden is a gateway leading to the spirit world of our ancestors," claims Grulliver in a rare interview. When pressed about the fact that most scientists believe the object is extremely far away, Grulliver merely smiled and said, "The road ahead is long, but we Minmatar have never shirked from an arduous journey."

Reaction from Republic official sources has been dismissive of this enterprise stating that there is little scientific fact or accepted spiritual interpretation on the matter. A spokesperson for the Republic Parliament had this to say; "We have been made aware of this... expedition that is being assembled and we have studied the facts of the matter at hand. It is our strong recommendation that citizens should not undertake such a dangerous activity without proper preparation and that more careful study and contemplation is required."

There is gathering support building for the venture and a significant number of other Minmatar have journeyed to join the expedition despite these concerns. It has been noted that several of the Republic's more prominently traditionalist Clans have lent their support to the expedition and that a solid core of tribal Shamans have begun to echo Grulliver's interpretation of the phenomenon.

When invited to comment, Amarrian clergyman Guril Akkad scoffed at this idea. "A gateway to the spirit lands of his ancestors? A journey beyond the galactic rim? This heathen and all who follow him are doomed. Had they simply accepted the word of God which we brought to them, then the Minmatar people would now be much better off."

Speculation as to the true nature of the shining light in the sky continues unabated, but its pulsating beauty will evidently continue to inspire religious figures and scientists alike.