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Viewing Figures Soar Through Clear Skies

2008-06-02 - By Svarthol

Out Of The Blue - In recent days a holovid has been broadcasted that has shattered the markets perception of what makes a popular holoreel. Traditionally reels created for GalNet broadcast or for streaming to in-capsule systems have focused around frantic action and explosions. This has now changed with the arrival of Clear Skies.

In development over a course of nearly two years, a small documentary team followed John Rourke and his crew as they went about their business onboard Clear Skies, a tempest class battleship. Often putting their lives at risk, the documentary team followed the highs and lows of the crew through battles, missions and their infrequent spare time.

After painstaking editing the team released a pilot episode to gage the public's reaction to this new type of docu-drama. The result? An amazing success. Viewing figures on GalNet alone have not stopped climbing since release and the broadcasting authorities have struggled to cope with the influx and strain on their systems.

On the original GalNet announcement, praise is being heaped upon the crew and the documentary team. One of the many comments is from popular holoreel director Cown who remarks that the video is "impressive." Rourke himself admits to being "flabberghasted and boggled" by the overwheming response and remarks that he "..can't say anything that I haven't said already, so I'll re-iterate my deepest thank you's for all the kind words!"

Many are now eagerly awaiting the confirmation that more episodes will follow, however until such time arrives, the broadcasters will continue to repeat this unique programme.

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