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Vote Today – Help Us Name Our Meeting Rooms!

2019-08-20 - By CCP Falcon

As part of this year’s GM Week we’re looking for help from the EVE Online community to make one of the most important decisions we face when moving to our new headquarters in December – what to name our meeting rooms in the new building.

Right now, our meeting rooms are named after expansions in our current building and have been since we moved in more than a decade ago.

When we move to the new place, we’d like to change things up a little, so we’re calling on our players to help us choose how we should decide on names.

We’ll have a lot of space in our new building and there’ll be approximately 25-30 rooms that will be bookable for various purposes. These are the ones that we’re looking to have you guys name.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

When we’re talking about the EVE Community, quite a bit, actually, so we’re going to set a few base rules so that things don’t get too… uh… creative given that we know how trolly you guys can be.

First, we’ll decide on a category of names with a simple four-way vote. The options are:

  • Region Names
  • Constellation Names
  • Solar System Names
  • Ship class Names

We’ll kick off the voting as of today, and we’ll leave the poll open for seven days. After this, we’ll go into more detail and decide on specific names with the help of the community.

Please bear in mind that if we choose to go with Region, Constellation or Solar System names, we’ll only be using “named” locations in EVE.

As funny as it would be, I don’t want to have to host meetings in HED-GP or ECP-8R. Meety McMeetface would also not be desirable.

How Can I get Involved?

Head on over to vote on the EVE Online Forums – you can find the thread with the poll in it here.

In the first round of voting, let us know which option you’ve voted for, and why you’ve chosen that option. Maybe even what name you’ll suggest if your choice wins.

If some cool stories about why people have chosen to vote a certain way come to light, then maybe there’ll be a few PLEX or a SKIN or two up for grabs as random prizes.

We’re interested to hear stories about your history with certain systems, regions or ship classes. Maybe an anecdote about a big ass fight you were involved in, or a ship class that’s close to your heart after a long history of flying it.

We’re looking forward to hearing stories from you guys and finding out how they’ll influence which way you’ll vote.

Also, to the CCPers who’re reading this, you get to vote too of course – you’ll be using the rooms after all, so share your stories as well!

P.S. – Some Inspiration?

Meeting rooms at CCP serve various purposes. Some are used for conference calls, some are used for a break time nap, others aren’t able to be booked in our system and are there if you need a quiet space to work now and again or need to take a phone call.

The possibilities are endless and sometimes over the years, certain rooms even develop a little bit of character of their own.

Here’s a few examples of meeting rooms we have in our current building so that you can take the current setup into account.

__Apocrypha __

This is one of our rooms with a harbour side view. It’s about a three second walk from my desk so I tend to book stuff there. Gets burning hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter. Close to the Audio & Graphics team, so a good place to sneak a peek at artists having meetings and discussing new shiny stuff that’s coming. Also hosts a bi-weekly sync up with the CSM every other Friday.


A cute little room that also has a harbour side view, generally used for one on one meetings or when small groups need to talk with our other offices. Has its own plant, also the smallest IKEA table known to man. Similar climate to Apocrypha as it faces the same way.

Cold War (aka Cod War, Warm War and oh please god don’t book more than four people in a meeting in here).

Probably the warmest meeting room in the whole building. Located on the third floor in the core of the building. Quite comfy in the winter if you need to warm up after being outside in the cold, will kill you if you spend too long in there in the summer. Pretty quiet to usually used for interviews and that kind of thing. If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the Cold War.

__Second Genesis __

(CCP Luxus Lulli For Scale)

Spacious – more than three seated Luxus Lullis high, and easily ten wide. Has sofas. This room isn’t bookable and is just there for people to drop in for quiet time or to take phone calls or whatever. A pretty chill room. Once woke up there incredibly hung over after CCP Oktoberfest. Comfy.


Literally the coldest room in the building. Don’t go in alone. Wear a coat.


Nice big meeting room on the second floor that has a monster TV and is good for large scale meetings. A few stand ups occur here and meetings for larger teams that need the space, such as the GM team for instance, who sit just a short walk away.


The largest room we have, just by reception on the fourth floor. I guess you could call this the “boardroom” as this is where most of the larger meetings occur. This is where we host the CSM summit and it’s the only bookable meeting room in the building that has a projector rather than a TV. Also has a pretty awesome sound system. I sometimes sneak in here to preview new trailers before they go out.

So, there's a little inspiration, now get out there and vote!