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Watch out for phishing attempts!

2008-02-16 - By Svarthol

Recently a phishing attempt was discovered on our message boards. Please be cautious when clicking a link, and make sure you check the URL as it, in this case, leads to a website mimicking the EVE site, but contains a key logger.

If you suspect that you were infected by a key logger, please scan your computer with updated antivirus software and change all your passwords. If your account appears to be compromised as well, make sure you petition it immediately. You should always log into the EVE site directly and never through a link. If someone you don't know contacts you and gives a URL, be it in an EVE-mail or in a chat channel please pay extra care where this directs you to.

Our Customer Support team will be working hard to resolve any issues that may come up, but the best defense against this is that you remain vigilant yourself as it can cause some permanent damage.