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We Need Your Fanfest Pictures™

2005-10-24 - By CCP t20

As people are pouring into the office after an eventful weekend, Reykjavík awakens slowly, messenger pop-ups show a decaying trend in awareness that it’s actually “the Monday after”. What might have happened this weekend for people to be so generally slow and blurt out “awww … my head”? Was all this just a dream?

That's why we need your help.

The first pressing need is for photographs to illustrate a special section we'll be publishing with the best pictures you all send in. We’re looking for pictures from the fanfest, the airwaves, your hotel room; you get the general idea …

As an addition we’ll be selecting 10 of those pictures to be featured prominently on the website as a showcase for things to come. These 10 pictures will be eligible for an in-game prize (only one picture per user) ...

So, send in your pictures to community@eve-online.com with this subject: “FANFEST 2005, pictures” as other email subjects will most likely be caught by our spamfilter.

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