Weekend Three Of Alliance Tournament XVI Begins at 13:00 UTC! | EVE Online

Weekend Three Of Alliance Tournament XVI Begins at 13:00 UTC!

2018-08-11 - By CCP Falcon

At 13:00 UTC today, Alliance Tournament XVI kicks off for its third weekend!

The knockout stages are here and there's going to be a whole world of pain for teams this weekend as we sort the elite from those who need to work harder on their theorycrafting and piloting for next time around.

Once again we'll hit the arena for more blood, sweat and tears as teams and their tactics are judged on the field of internet spaceships combat.

With almost a dozen flagships dead and several teams already out of the running, this year's tournament could be anyone's and we're about to see a bloody fight that will cut teams to the bone as they compete for one of the most coveted titles in the cluster - Alliance Tournament Champions.

Broadcasted live across the stars by our friends at Plus 10 Gaming from their studio in the UK, and refereed from CCP headquarters in Iceland, weekend three begins today.

Join us live this afternoon starting at 12:45 UTC for more of Alliance Tournament XVI.

More information on the tournament, the prizes, the brackets and the participants can be found in this Dev Blog.

Also remember to make your predictions again for the chance to win 500 PLEX, as teams return to fight it out for fame and glory.