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Welcome EVE Japan

2020-12-11 - By CCP Fleebix

On Wednesday, 8 December we welcomed EVE Japan with sakura-inspired fireworks.

On Saturday, 12 December Join us for a conversation with members of the Japanese EVE community to welcome new arrivals.

Our participants include:

  • Apakamuy, NACHO Alliance,
  • Dexsar, Caladrius Alliance
  • Katana Masen, C8N8O16 Corporation
  • Osat Bartlett, Japanese EVE Wikipedia administrator
  • Takuya Gogiko, solo PVPer and streamer

Our hosts for this event are:

  • Rist Ozuwara, Siege Green.
  • CCP Antiquarian

Capsuleers are invited to attend the discussion and submit questions in Japanese in stream chat.

The broadcast will be streamed live on twitch.tv/ccp and Youtube Live in Japanese.

11:30 UTC on 12 December