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Welcoming New EVE Players

2004-03-23 - By Svarthol

As you might have noticed there has been a great influx of new users to the EVE world. These users are mainly coming from the FilePlanet promotion and former Earth and Beyond users.

As you all know the EVE community is renowned for it´s friendly culture and helpfulness and with the sudden invasion of new players we have a chance to make EVE even more dynamic and intriguing. CCP is doing what it can at the moment by connecting these new users to our in-game greeters, but we simply can´t keep up.

Therefore we are asking everyone to be extra helpful to these new users, and guide them along the complex path of becoming fully functional EVE members. In return we will have a game that has no equal!

NOTE: Polaris, the volunteer group, is actively recruiting new members - More...