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Well, first phase of hardware upgrades done!

2004-04-24 - By CCP Oveur

Been a long day for us here, the hardware upgrades didn't want go as planned. Some of the disks for our database upgrade were getting delayed until later into the day. Eventually Mr. Murphy did his part and they didn't arrive, much to our pleasure.

We had to change the configuration of the disk volumes on the database and how the individual tables and logs were supposed to go on to them. This ate up all our buffer time we had allocated for unforseen issues along with putting a 2 hour dent in our plans so we announced the delay.

However, our new fiber disk array performed better than we had planned so we gained 1 hour there, we got the cluster up with only 1 hour delay. Initial profiling of this first relativily small change is looking good and is an indicator of the performance we'll experience when all the pieces fall into place.

The second upgrade phase is still unscheduled since we are waiting for the delivery times of the new database machines and the additional SOL servers. This phase will also include the rest of the disks to further increase database throughput.

All in all a good day.

We got the update done before the weekend, we have more disk, sol servers and a database cluster coming, hopefully within three weeks that essentially doubles our cluster hardware.

We appreciate your patience in this matter, and we strive to further increase your playing experience - soon ;)

Good night for now!