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We're on it with all able hands!

2006-03-04 - By Svarthol

We've been deploying server hotfixes in the downtimes and working on a client patch to address the issues in this thread which we can't fix serverside.

The biggest issue still is the memory allocation problems which cause a ton of errors when services encounter them, causing nodes to go into a vegetative state - causing a boatload of side-effects.

We're now balancing manually over nodes to prevent them from reach the error points, we've deployed a better memory tracker which will impair server performance but will allow us to pinpoint better where the error is.

Of course, due to the serious state the nodes go into when encountering the memory allocation errors, the GM's are swamped. We're putting our dev team members to help out the GM's to clear the queues, which should help the situation.

We've been moving the GM's over to our headquarters and will be expanding the team to accomodate the massive amounts of new players. With 106.000 subscribers, any minor error will cause 1000's of petitions and we need to be in a position to address that when it happens.

We sincerely apologize for the situation and any inconvenience this situation causes.