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West Geminate Alliances Form Coalition, Infighting For Leadership Control Underway

2009-12-12 - By Svarthol

Geminate - A coalition of alliances has been formed with the goal of capturing systems in Geminate after Widly Inappropriate. [WI.] dropped sovereignty in the area. Currently, leadership by TERMINATION [-74-] is being challenged by In Tea We Trust [TLEAF].

Phunkadin of TLEAF reports "On the very first day, the Coalition joined together and formed up an impressive fleet of nearly 200 in under 3 hours. There were carriers, dreadnoughts and even an Aeon ready to do battle, accompanied by hundreds of support ships.

"We first attacked WI. jump bridges and cyno arrays in AD-5B8 and all was going smoothly until we were hot dropped by a WI. fleet of similar strength. Fights ensued and unfortunately WI. held the field, but less than a week later a friendly structure which had been put into reinforced [was engaged by] WI. [and] huge ATLAS fleet was jumped in by a coalition [friend] and battle ensued."

Shortly after, Apollo428 introduced himself as a spokesman for the newly founded "Anathema Coalition," a coalition made up of alliances operating in West Geminate. "WI. is a part of the Northern Coalition and no we are not afraid of them. We will not stop the attacks on WI. until they have been fully removed from Geminate."

All did not go well inside Anathema Coalition, however and TLEAF has since declared war on TERMINATION and Eternus Imperium Alliance [EIA]. "After multiple acts of disrespect... and their violation of TLEAF's anti-piracy policy in their home system of Eurgrana, TERMINATION was caught attempting to sneak an IHUB into a nullsec system after TERMINATION Alliance had established a policy of distributing control of Geminate and the anchoring of IHUB until after the campaign is completed."

This incident was reported by an anonymous source as having occurred due to a TERMINATION member not being present at the policy setting discussion and when jumping into Eurgrana was "met by a blue force that were intent on attacking him... and told... that if he was to [return to Eurgrana] it would be [considered] a declaration of war."

Blunter, the founding member of TLEAF, reports "We found that quite possibly the Coalition leadership... were trying to manipulate a good faith agreement to work together" to remove Wildly Inappropriate. as owners of Geminate. He went on to claim that there are a number of Coalition members who "have overstepped their boundaries" and that TLEAF's "Terminated" campaign against EIA and -74- would continue until "a mutual level of respect is gained on all sides. [We] are still supporting the overall goals of the Coalition."

Current major conflict areas with WI. "are on the border systems of Geminate, some of the Coalition are based in nullsec stations." Apollo428 further reports that "WI. has no idea what we are capable of."

Internally, TLEAF reports "We are resolved in firmly holding our ground in Eurgrana whilst this fight for honour and respect is resolved. The [infrastructure upgrades are] a fantastic opportunity for smaller, less-known Alliances... to make identifiable and clear moves into... sovereignty whilst maintaining our corporation and alliance culture and not [being forced to merge] with bigger entities."

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