What has Hammerhead been up to lately? | EVE Online

What has Hammerhead been up to lately?

2006-06-03 - By CCP Hammer

I'm going to keep this short and sweet since it's our plan to start blogging a lot more often.

Well I was stuck in America after I lost my passport on the trip to E3 (I know, idiot...). After I landed back in Iceland I found out they lost my luggage. Then I got back to the office and found out my desk was moved but none of my stuff was moved and I'd have to set it all up myself.

Once I got settled in again I went to work on the usual stuff. Yesterday I reorganized the implants out of a flat list into groups like Drones, Gunnery, Electronics, Science and Trade. So there will be a lot more implants coming in as we fill in the gaps. Expect the science & industry implants to be pretty rare since it's unlikely that a dedicated manufacturer or refiner will ever lose those implants now that we have rebirth.

In other news; the code for Rev.Eng. and Invention has just come back from programming so we can start authoring the content for it. That should be pretty cool since the tech 2 lottery is the number 2 thing after insta-jump BMs that players want changed. This addition should hopefully make a lot of players happy.

Finally for this blog I wanted to do a caption contest. I hunted through the pictures from E3 and found this one. It’s a pic of Oveur getting out of the pool at our hotel after being thrown in with his clothes on.