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White Noise. Aeon Destroyed in Curse Ambush Attempt

2010-11-30 - By Svarthol

RMOC-W, Curse - Last Saturday, at about 00:35 New Eden Standard Time, a White Noise. Aeon supercarrier, piloted by Volla of Red Rodgers., was destroyed by a spontaneous joint operation of multiple Curse alliances and corporations when it was deployed to ambush an already-engaged Waterboard [WTB] alliance gang.

Buhhdust Princess of BAT PHONE alliance was one of the pilots on the scene. She stated that they initially received word of a White Noise. Dominix becoming involved in in a fight between cruiser gangs from Waterboard and Flying Dangerous.

The White Noise. Dominix deployed a cynosural field, bringing in a pair of Aeon supercarriers whereupon BAT PHONE, along with many other local entities, decided to assist WTB and engaged the Aeons with a combined force of "around 85" ships, plus 8 capitals and supercapitals, which were called in later to assist.

Buhhdust Princess said that the local forces"didn't have time to set blue standings, so a few complications arose between all the entities on field," resulting in occasional friendly fire. She went on to explain that she and her alliance did their utmost to coordinate local forces and provide a common venue for communications.

White Noise. rushed a second cyno ship to RMOC-W, bringing in additional support including a triage-fitted Thanatos flown by Lonely Killer. With traige repair mode engaged, the carrier would be immobilised and very likely unable to leave the field, but White Noise. consciously chose to make the sacrifice in the hope of saving one or both of the far more valuable Aeons.

The two Aeon pilots remotely repaired each other until their ships were forced out of range of each other. Volla, piloting one of the pair, managed to escape from the interdiction sphere trapping his ship and warped out, but returned shortly thereafter to assist the other pilot, Badgrisefarm. He immediately came under very heavy fire, but Lonely Killer's Thanatos was able to keep Badgrisefarm's vessel intact until it escaped the interdiction bubble and went into an emergency warp with bare fragments of hull remaining. Volla attempted the same maneuver but was destroyed before his ship was able to depart. The triage Thanatos was then destroyed as well.

White Noise. pilot OhYeah translated for F0rsAk3N, the Dominix pilot, explaining that they had explicitly been looking for an interesting engagement into which to drop the Aeons. "Yes, it was done for fun and [an] Aeon is just an Aeon." They said everything was going as planned until the two ships were forced out of mutual repair range and one of them came under focused fire, whereupon they made the decision to sacrifice a triage carrier to see what they could save.

Buhhdust Princess later stated that White Noise. failed to anticipate the local response "...I don't think the White Noise pilots believed we could destroy either of them. But I think that was a dire underestimation." Knowing the size of the White Noise. capital fleet, however, the spontaneous local alliance hesitated to deploy capitals of their own until "it became clear that the Aeons were not going to be supported" any further. She went on to thank all the Curse forces who "made the best of a chaotic situation" and the many members of her own alliance who joined the battle with very little notice.

Rapid passing of intel, fast response times from local forces and a great deal of effort in "on-the-fly" coordination enabled a coalition of corporations and relatively small alliances from Curse to engage a pair of ambushing Aeon supercarriers from White Noise. on the 27th, killing one and forcing the other to flee.

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