Nvidia Graphics Card Issues and Workaround | EVE Online

Nvidia Graphics Card Issues and Workaround

2012-12-04 - By CCP Eterne

Currently some users using the new Retribution patch on portable hardware may be experiencing issues with world objects including ship and stations not appearing in game (although you will see the trails/boosters). In short some geometry is not rendering correctly due to some changes in the engine.  

Most cases have been reproduced on the Nvidia M series cards, although it could also be visible on Ati and integrated GPU solutions. A short term workaround is to either enable any level of ‘Anti-Aliasing’ or select a lower value of ‘Shader Quality’. Both of these settings can be found under the ‘Display & Graphics > Graphic Content Settings’ area of the options menu.

A fix is currently incoming and we thank you for your patience.  

Please report any issues with Retribution here.

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