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Worlds Collide - Submitted Team Setups

2015-03-11 - By CCP Gargant

The teams competing in Worlds Collide submitted their setups and here they are for your viewing pleasure! Already both teams are working out which setups would be most benificial to remove from their opponents roster.

Setups submitted by the Serenity champions, City of Angels:

Setup #1: Orthrus, Orthrus, Confessor, Crow, Vagabond

Setup #2: Gila, Gila, Worm, Worm, Scimitar

Setup #3: Widow, Widow, Daredevil, Daredevil, Taranis

Setup #4: Ares, Typhoon Fleet Issue, Typhoon Fleet Issue, Merlin, Merlin

Setup #5: Oneiros, Enyo, Enyo, Vigilant, Vigilant

Setup #6: Stiletto, Rifter, Hyperion, Hyperion, Caracal

Setup #7: Keres, Cynabal, Cerberus, Cerberus, Malediction

Setups submitted by the Tranquility champions, Camel Empire:

Setup #1: Rook, Basilisk, Caracal, Caracal, Celestis

Setup #2: Widow, Scimitar, Flycatcher, Flycatcher, Keres

Setup #3: Eos, Ishtar, Ishtar, Navitas, Navitas

Setup #4: Sleipnir, Broadsword, Curse, Burst, Burst

Setup #5: Astarte, Phobos, Exequror, Heretic, Heretic

Setup #6: Damnation, Oneiros, Confessor, Confessor, Maulus

Setup #7: Absolution, Guardian, Sentinel, Blackbird, Ishkur

You can rest assured that watching Worlds Collide will be well worth the time! Head over here to discuss these submitted setups.