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WTS E-ON #001

2006-09-01 - By Zapatero

When E-ON first came into being, EVE Online boasted something around 57,000 subscribers… I think. While I can’t be too sure on the numbers, but the number of active subscriptions was certainly far below the 140,000 figure that was recently announced to the world. (142k now. ~kieron) I’d like to think E-ON has been a central part of EVE’s ascension, a crutch that has allowed it to stand upright and proud, where before it was arched and withered. I’d like to think that, but in reality E-ON was just the armpit hinge (Big toe or ankle, perhaps? ~kie) of the aforementioned walking aid. In any case, EVE no longer needs such devices, metaphorically or otherwise and we (well, me) must search for evermore-outlandish similes in order justify E-ON’s existence… but that is for another discussion. At the Fanfest perhaps.

Back to those 57,000…

As we all know, E-ON #001 has been sold out for close on 10 months, and since it has, many thousands of people have joined EVE, a few of whom might be interested in acquiring a copy (certainly there are plenty already who have expressed a desire to do so). The long and short of it is that we’re considering ordering a reprint of the first issue of EVE’s official magazine, simply to allow those who missed out and who would like to complete their collection, the opportunity to do so.

Now before all the veteran subscribers start waving their $175 investments in the air (cool, E-ON has vets too), if we do decide to reprint, we’ll make sure it won’t be a direct copy. We’ll subtly have the words ‘reprint’ on the cover, or do something else to distinguish the ‘new’ from the ‘original’. In every other respect the mag will be the same as the first, warts and all.

We’re not considering reprinting tens of thousands of copies either, as this isn’t about making a shed load of money, simply about giving those 90,000 (give or take) a chance to get hold of what the other 57,000 had a chance to all those many months ago.

This plan isn’t set in stone. I’d like to hear your views on the matter - after all, some of you will have bought E-ON for it’s collectability (Like my 10 copies! LOL ~kie), I’m sure. Personally I’m still hoping for a reprint of Retro Gamer #1 as I still have a gap where the first issue should be [sigh]. Sadly other magazine publishers aren’t as caring or sharing as we are :P

Details on EON#5 to follow in a few days.