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You are TenTonHammer's Best Community of 2009

2010-01-07 - By Svarthol


We salute you, and others do too.

TenTonHammer named you the Best Community of 2009 in their year-end wrap-up. You make EVE -- you are its tender soul and its terrible scourge. A truly unique phenomenon unlike almost any community for any form of entertainment ever before. Years of war, of peace, of profits and of even more war. There are hundreds of thousands of pilots each contributing to hundreds of thousands of rich stories as _one single _community.

The CCP Dev team has long known you to be worthy of praise and we've made countless toasts to you at Fanfest, in celebration of PCUs and when one of you just comes up with something so brilliant or nefarious that we are left speechless. Revel in this recognition. We're so proud, even though you did all the work!

CCP Oveur might just have something to say about 2009 in an upcoming dev blog...