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Your Year in EVE Video Data

2019-12-30 - By The EVE Development Team

The year in review video for EVE in 2019 has now been sent out to 214,713 unique email addresses associated with active EVE players, and if you have received one, hopefully you enjoyed the look back at your victories, activities and mishaps! If you did not receive a video, this blog will aim to outline some of the user restrictions placed in order to obtain that pool of users that received an email, and how the data was gathered and aggregated in general.

First off, it‘s important to note that even though it would have been great to summarize every second of 2019 for every player, all their user accounts and all characters, the data used for this project is for the most part from 1 January 2019 to 1 December 2019, and only for those that fit the criteria set for the Year In EVE video.

Another important clarification is that for the purposes of these videos, a playing customer was classified as a unique email. If players use multiple emails for their characters and fit the required criteria, they might get more than one video. Each video sums up all data associated across all characters and accounts connected to each email. The videos are not summarized across different emails that a player might have.

The required criteria for receiving a video is as follows:

  • Active Omega subscription at some point in 2019.
  • Omega time per email had to be greater than or equal to 30 days, for all users belonging to an email combined. Active playing time per email had to be greater than or equal to 25 hours, for all users and characters belonging to an email combined. That is log on, non-AFK hours.
  • Only valid emails were included, for instance, several Steam users had not verified their emails through our Account Management Site, and these were removed as no emails are associated with their accounts.
  • Stats were not collected for characters deleted this year.
  • Banned users were excluded.
  • Unsubscribed emails were excluded.
  • Players that did not have adequate activity to be categorized (see more on activity categories below) were excluded.

Essentially all data is gathered at the character level, and then aggregated up to the email level via user accounts.


Players are split into three different categories based on their activity, PvP, PvE and Industry. This segment controls the type of video sent to each email, as the latter part of the videos differ for each type. The split was decided based on averaged percentile rankings in the data points for each group.

  • For PvP, only one data point was captured:
    • PVP kills.
  • For PvE, three data points were captured:
    • NPC kills
    • Missions completed
    • Exploration Sites visited
  • For Industry, three data points were captured:
    • ISK’s worth of mined Ore
    • Manufactured items
    • ISK’s worth of PI Materials exported

If any character belonging to an email had more than 0 in any data point, it got a percentile rank, ranging from 1-100, 1 being the highest ranking. The percentile rankings for each category were then averaged and emails were placed into the category with the lowest average percentile rank. In case of ties, emails were placed in the PvP track first, then PvE, then Industry.

The last round of filtering on the data set occurred here, where several emails had not partaken in any of the above-mentioned activities and therefore essentially had no percentile rank for any of the data points. These were excluded from the data as, no matter which track they had been placed on, the endings of their videos would all have been empty.

Nemeses and Favorite Victims

A note on these stats for players on the PvP track. A ‘nemesis’ is simply the character which has collectively been on the most kill mails for all your characters combined. Ties here were settled with approximate ISK destroyed during those deaths. The same applies for favorite victims, which were simply the character most often found on kill mails where any of your characters were either the final attacker or involved party. Ties here were once again settled with ISK destroyed.

Players that received ‘DAILY DOWNTIME?’ as their nemesis had never been killed by another player during the tracked time period.

In the PvP track, kill count includes Structures, so there is a possibility some players will receive Structures as their most killed victim.

Other data points in the video are hopefully self-explanatory, as they were as previously stated collected on the character level and aggregated up to the user level.

In addition, if you share any of your standout moments from EVE in 2019 - including screenshots, stories or videos - also using #MyEVE2019, you can win PLEX, SKIN codes and there are two signed copies of the Frigates of EVE - Limited Edition book up for grabs! Winners will be selected at random.