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Ytiri Warehouse CEO Steps Down, Appoints Heth As Acting Director

2008-05-20 - By Svarthol

Elonaya – Ytiri Warehouse CEO Tantima Iwisoda today announced a surprise plan to step down from his position to award full control of company assets and strategic operations to Caldari Constructions. The move was unanimously approved by the Ytiri board of directors.

"By taking this step, we are embodying the ideal that will always be the legacy of Otro Gariushi: that the State’s needs are greater than ourselves," Mr. Iwisoda stated. "We are a nation in crisis; the acquisition of wealth or political gain no longer has any virtue in this corporation. As a Caldarian and a Chief Executive Officer, my actions are a patriotic imperative. The atrocity committed by the Federation has demonstrated just how vulnerable we are, and the depths to which we have fallen. Mr Heth, the men and women of the Ytiri Corporation are at your command."

Although Ytiri is a comparatively small corporation, the willingness of its leadership to relinquish control of operations to Mr. Heth appears to be supported by the majority of Caldari citizens. Following the press statement, representatives acting under the banner name of "Provists"—the nickname for Mr. Heth’s new "Caldari Providence Directorate" structure within the corporation—explained the working relationship between the two entities. Financial markets have responded positively to the new partnership thus far.