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Zealot cult blamed for massacre. More attacks feared.

2003-09-10 - By Svarthol

Preliminary investigation into the Roushzar atrocities, where hundreds of freed slave children where killed, suggest that a small fanatical Amarrian religious cult may be to blame. They have yet refused to comment on the incident, but their leadership has suddenly gone into hiding. The cult, called Tetrimon (Divine Devotion), has existed for some time now, but this is the first time it has resorted to violence, which begs the question where they got their armaments from. The members of the cult have scattered to the wind after the attack, some to go into hiding, others seeking opportunities for further mayhem. Reliable sources have indicated that two priestesses, Hamida Ytheros and Omon Drakian, along with their escorts have actually entered Minmatar space and have been spotted in the Angils constellation. It is thought that they will be in the Gukarla system, a sacred location in their doctrine, at 17:00 GMT for their midday prayers.