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13 Days of EVE

The 13 Days of EVE event returns for the holiday season! Log in to EVE Online regularly between 12 Dec and 7 Jan and get free rewards as an Alpha or an Omega. As long as you log in on 13 separate days, you should receive all the rewards!

Upgrading to Omega will mean you get better free gifts plus all the Alpha rewards too! The improved rewards include an unreleased Permaband SKIN, exclusive Facial Augmentations, more snowballs, more Skill Points, more Boosters, more Abyssal Deadspace and Reindeer Filaments, and...you guessed it...even more besides!

Upgrade To Omega

Chilling Spree

Back by popular demand, you will once again be able to receive thousands of Skill Points - and more - for completing daily NPC-hunting challenges in the festively-named Chilling Spree event until 7 January 2020!

In a chilly twist, you will also receive challenges where other Capsuleers are your target, and all of your festive attacks will have to be using snowballs! You can stock up on snowballs by logging in daily during the 13 Days of EVE event!

Limited Time Reindeer Filaments

Log in to the 13 Days of EVE and as part of your free daily gifts, you could score some very special Filaments that will allow you and a number of your fellow Capsuleers to be transported to a random - but potentially active - solar system in Null-Security space! If you're not ready for Null-Sec space, the Filaments could be worth a pretty penny to another Capsuleer!

The number of Capsuleers that each Filament can transport depends on which one you get, so keep an eye out for the rare RDLF-09 Filament. Will it be naughty or nice? Only one way to find out!

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