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Alliance Tournament V : Day Six : The Quarter and Semi-Finals

2008-03-09 - 发布者 Svarthol

Welcome to Day Six of the Fifth Alliance Tournament. Here are the results and reviews of the next six matches of the day.

The Quarter-Finals

Match 89: Notoriety Alliance Vs Cry Havoc.

Notoriety arrived on the field once again in Sansha ships, with Cry Havoc. also falling back on their tried and tested Dominix formation.

Notoriety Alliance: 2 Scimitars | 3 Phantasms | 2 Sentinels | Rifter
Cry Havoc.: 3 Dominix | Guardian

Focusing hard on Guardian, Notoriety tried to force their way into an early win. Cry Havoc.’s Dominix denied them the Guardian kill however, utilizing the versatility of the Dominix to provide ample logistics assistance. Smartbombing Notoriety’s drones, they turned on the Scimitar, dropping it too fast before anything could be done. From there, they applied pressure on the remaining logistics as they took out the Phantasms and eventually the logistics itself. A convincing and efficient totalhelldeath win from Cry Havoc. whose masterful use of Dominix may just see them taking the Cup home.

Match 90: Ev0ke Vs HUN Reloaded

A straight out brawl this time around, with both teams fielding setups that were risky and left the outcome uncertain. Ev0ke came out strong in the face of HUN’s fearsome 10 Rupture formation and came away with a decisive win.

Ev0ke: 3 Tempests | 2 Maulus | 5 Griffins
HUN Reloaded: 10 Ruptures

Quickly dispatching a Rupture in exchange for a Griffin of their own, Ev0ke looked disciplined and unphased. The pattern repeated itself for some time, with HUN losing Ruptures in exchange for Griffins. By the time they had lost 4 Ruptures, only removing 3 Griffins, it was clearly the end for the reigning champions. Another impressive showing from Ev0ke, who have repeatedly shown the capability to turn matches in their favor. They will face Cry Havoc in the semi finals.

Match 91: Triumvirate. Vs KIA Alliance

Triumvirate. was one of the tournament favorites having delivered strong wins consistently. It was anyone’s match as they faced off against KIA, who looked like they were on fire and ready to pull out a cup-winning performance. The match was an absolute tussle, with TRI slowly pulling ahead late in the match.

Triumvirate.: 2 Guardians | Curse | Rook | 2 Thorax
KIA Alliance: 3 Megathron | Firetail | 5 Griffins | Maulus

Triumvirate. fielded their previously-used Recon-Logistics against a team looked set to challenge it, and that they did. KIA looked aggressive and confident from the beginning, putting heavy damage on the TRI Curse and switching rapidly over to the Rook, showing some readiness to test the TRI setup. TRI worked away at the KIA Support, but it wasn’t long until the Rook was in deep trouble, eventually dropping. With things now looking grim for TRI, they kept their composure and removed the rest of the KIA support at the cost of a Guardian. They then turned their attention on the remaining KIA Megathrons, using their Thorax to keep them pinned and away from the remaining Guardian. It started to level out at this point, as the TRI team slowly whittled down the Megathrons, using the tracking disruption and capacitor warfare of their remaining Curse to great effect. Their own Guardian was gradually slipping towards hull, but too slowly for KIA, who found their Megathrons slowly crumbling and a chance at the Cup fading away.

Match 92: The Kadeshi Vs Pandemic Legion

A clash between two unpredictable teams, Kadeshi finally met their end at the hands of Pandemic Legion, who once again showed they can pull out the match-winning performances when they need them.

The Kadeshi: 5 Vexor Navy Issue | Guardian | Kitsune | 2 Griffins
Pandemic Legion: Armageddon | Curse | 2 Guardians | Vexor Navy Issue

With a Griffin almost removed from the field by Armageddon alpha-strike in the opening phase of the match, it looked like Pandemic was determined to pressure their opponents and take control. Taking some damage on their own Guardian, they switched up fire on to a Navy Issue Vexor, taking it down rapidly as the logistics failed to provide the needed support. Spotting this weakness in the logistics chain, PL capitalized on it ruthlessly and started dropping Navy Issue Vexors. With the field slowly cleared and only logistics and support remaining to be dispatched, The Kadeshi had no answer to PL, and saw their opponents move on to the Semi Finals.

The Semi-Finals

Match 93: Cry Havoc. Vs Ev0ke

Ev0ke had progressed to the semi finals with style, having decisively beaten both the Caldari loyalists of The Fourth District and the reigning Champions HUN Reloaded. They looked like they were having a good night, having used two differing tactics for two good wins. Coming into their fight against Cry Havoc. it was unclear what tactic would come next. They fielded just the right counter for their opponents, timing their late-game plan to perfection as they secured a place in the Final.

Cry Havoc.: 3 Dominix | Guardian
Ev0ke: Abaddon | 2 Guardians | Curse | Ashimmu

The match started with a ranged battle, the Ev0ke Abaddon exchanging long-range shots as Tech II Cry Havoc sentry drones returned fire. For a long time stalemate formed, with both sides testing each other. Ev0ke slowly worked away at a Dominix however, seeing that applied pressure on it was a weak point. Their capacitor warfare-heavy team looked like it could break the Dominix in the face of a tough logistics chain. Cry Havoc. held on with time ticking down, waiting until they forced Ev0ke’s hand again and cleverly timing a crucial smartbomb to destroy a wave of ECM drones.

With 6 minutes left and the Dominix troubled once again as it dipped under half armor, Ev0ke needed to quicken up the pace and drop the Dominix quickly for a points win and a shot at the finals. At 5 minutes the Dominix was bordering on hull, struggling to keep itself out of trouble as armor was frantically repaired. With the 1 minute call just around the corner, the Dominix slowly slipped away, a final smartbomb removing more drones. It was all too late however, and too much time was left to Ev0ke who took it apart for a convincing points win.

Match 94: Triumvirate. Vs Pandemic Legion

Triumvirate were looking strong all night, having claimed two solid wins against some very tough opponents. On their path to the final it was unclear if they would finally change their setup or stick to what had worked so far.

Both teams switched up their strategy in this brutal tussle for a spot in the Final however, and Triumvirate came out strong with their new tactics. They delivered yet another convincing win, showing that they were more than worthy of their chance at the Cup.

Pandemic Legion:

With TRI losing their own support early on, it was questionable if they could survive a long running match with just battleships against the Bhaalgorn and Tempest. They persisted however, trying to wrestle an advantage out of what support remained. A Megathron pinned the Bhaalgorn down as the battleships beat on the Guardian. It started to drop rapidly under the immense firepower and things started to fall apart for Pandemic Legion. Ev0ke wiped out the next Guardian with ease, the Tempest and Bhaalgorn falling quickly after. Triumvirate secured their place in the final with Ev0ke in style, with a dominating and fast victory.

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