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Cautious Reaction to Shakor Inauguration from Caldari State

2008-09-22 - 发布者 Svarthol

New Caldari – Sources within the Provist establishment have reacted cautiously to the news of Maleatu Shakor's inauguration as Sanmatar and his desire to dissolve the Republic Parliament in favour of a council of tribal leaders. While the Caldari State is at a low point in diplomatic relations with the Minmatar Republic due to hostilities between the State Protectorate militia and the Republic's own Tribal Liberation Force, one Provist official, declining to be named, indicated that this development was being viewed as a potential harbinger of decreased Gallente Federation influence over the Republic. "The Feds as good as wrote the constitution for the Minmatar and told them how to hold elections for that parliament. We are not going to lower our guard when it comes to Minmatar military forces, but this just might lead to a normalization of relations given time."

A less optimistic view was counterposed by Colonel Sivvialeso Ifinni, strategic planning officer within the State Protectorate militia. "What does this change? The Tribal Liberation Force was one of Shakor's projects. He made it possible and gave it a remit to fight alongside the Gallente. Our best intelligence indicates that the FDU [Federal Defence Union] and TLF will continue to co-operate on combat missions as well as exchange vital intelligence, provide logistical support and strategic assistance to one another." Colonel Ifinni, however, went on to comment on the inauguration's significance politically. "I might say that I personally find it interesting that the Minmatar have at least recognized the merits of a firm hand in government and elected to follow a single strong man. That is something I don't have any complaints about, even if I disagree with Shakor's policies. Fortunately, we Caldari have both a strong man and the right policies."