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CBT unwilling to accept claims

2005-05-06 - 发布者 Svarthol

After last night’s statement from Perkone, CBT have been quick off the mark with a backlash of remarks. In a public statement CBT were unwilling to accept the findings of Perkone and the supposed evidence from their contact Kyogen Steiner, demanding that something be done to investigate the proof of their findings. As of yet no hard proof of any kind has come to light and CBT do not feel that words are enough of an argument.

CBT have asked that a direct apology be given from Perkone and that this matter be discussed in private without use of the public Galnet.

Already share prices are showing signs of volatility, with some shareholders drawing out of both companies completely. As such a turbulent rift rises between these two large and prominent corporations, what can be said for the welfare of the State?

Time will surely tell what happens as these two previous corporate friends go into long and surely heated talks.