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Clear Skies 2 Released

2009-05-10 - 发布者 Svarthol

Out Of The Blue - The sequel to the smash-hit holoreel "Clear Skies" has now been officially released. John Rourke announced the film to an enthusiastic response from the capsuleer community at 11:00 today, and within an hour some 500-600 pilots had begun to download the feature film.

The release saw a few difficulties in the last 24 hours of the process from inception to release, with the first upload attempted to Chribba's distribution facility failing for an unknown reason, delaying the release until an hour ago.

While the holofile was initially supposed to be concealed so it could be properly set up for distribution, receipt of the file was announced publically by an automated mechanism and alleged former Guiding Hand Social Club operative Rejected Enlightenment was able to obtain a copy prior to the official release.

A few other pilots followed Rejected Enlightenment's method, managing to obtain a large percentage of the movie before the leak was discovered and the file secured so it could be prepared for a proper release. One of these pilots, Zeba, described it thus:

"Well as one of the lucky ones who got the file before Chribba killed the link I can say that this is definitely blockbuster material. Oh boy, oh boy, are all you guys in for a treat when John makes his official thread."

The official release announcement has now been made, and the holoreel itself is available for download.

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