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Federation Held In The Grip of Recent Events

2009-03-10 - 发布者 Svarthol

Luminaire - People from all across the Federation are expressing their sympathy and support to the families of victims of the Seyllin disaster. Many families are also complaining that the media attention had instead turned to recent discoveries by CreoDron instead of focusing on the world-shaking tragedy.

According to Gallente authorities, the amount of donations to families of the victims has surpassed any previous relief drives by an extensive margin. Federation citizens also formed large queues in front of the banks in order to contribute as much as they can.

"I had some distant relatives in Seyllin's Metal City," said Orla Meale, an orbital assembly worker, as she exited the branch of a local bank. "We were never close, but now I can't stop thinking about them. I have donated all my savings to help the victims' families, and a lot of my friends have done the same."

Emerging from this disaster is the news of CreoDron's expedition. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered on the streets of Gallente cities, watching the holovid systems broadcast real-time news on the expedition's progress.

"It is a travesty," shouted an outraged woman outside the bank. "Our friends and relatives have died, and yet the media act as if nothing has happened!"

Compared to the nationwide interest in the CreoDron expedition, these complaints are far and few between. Mark Ufford, a teenager eagerly watching the holovid broadcast, told The Scope team, "Don't think I'm not sorry for those who died today - I really am. But what we are seeing now can change our lives forever."