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Introducing Factional Warfare Leaderboards

2023-02-10 - 发布者 EVE Online Team

The recent Uprising – Expansion Now Live! introduced a massive overhaul to Factional Warfare, including the new Frontlines system. With the war heating up, progress for the various factions can now be monitored through the Frontlines – New Eden War Report page which displays kills, warzone control, and more. 

Everyone knows that the best part of EVE is winning- and for those who like to keep track of how they’re doing, Factional Warfare leaderboards are being introduced to the Frontlines page which will display a list of the top contributors to the war effort overall and for each faction. If you’re logged in, it will also show you how you compare! 

The leaderboards will be split up by kills and Victory Points, to give players who aren’t as interested in direct PvP the opportunity to have their contributions recognized as well.  

Check out the leaderboards to see who’s topping the charts this week, and join the war to get your face on there too!