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Lai Dai Scientist in Coma Following Cybernetic Attack

2009-12-12 - 发布者 Svarthol

Elonaya - Holene Vailakkel, a prominent Caldari physicist working for the Lai Dai Corporation, was the target of a digital assault yesterday evening. Hostile software installed into her cerebral implants hijacked the devices and sent her into a coma. All attempts to wake Ms. Vailakkei from her coma have been unsuccessful, and Lai Dai biomedical specialists are currently looking into ways to reverse the damage sustained by her implant systems.

The attack occurred while Ms. Vailakkei was downloading a new update to her cybernetic subprocessor implant,  a prototype model running special software developed internally at Lai Dai. The malicious code has been isolated and quarantined, but Lai Dai has set most of its corporate servers to a restricted and secure mode as a precautionary measure.

"The virus is not a danger to the cluster at large," says Kemplle Harttariven, a program analyst at Lai Dai representing a team of such analysts having studied the hostile code. "The program was made to specifically target the configuration of Ms. Vailakkei's implant and would not have been able to spread far from this station, which was point of origin."

Holene Vailakkei, who has been an employee of the Lai Dai Corporation for 17 years,  is known in scientific circles  as the lead researcher for a number of teams at Lai Dai. The 33 year old scientist focused her research mainly on storage optimization, hyperspatial technology, and Planck bubble physics.