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New Governor Takes Up Duties in Ammatar Mandate

2009-11-04 - 发布者 Svarthol

Tanoo, Derelik – Governor Ekroz Salaf arrived in Tanoo system yesterday to take up his duties as plenipotentiary of Royal Heir Yonis Ardishapur in the Ammatar Mandate. Ammatar Consulate officials have stated that Governor Salaf will spend a few days familiarizing himself with the latest Mandate developments before embarking on a tour of inspection across Derelik region.

As head of the Ammatar Consulate, Governor Salaf will run the civil administration of the Mandate on behalf of House Ardishapur. The Ammatar Fleet, under Grand Admiral Hastar Jibril, will continue to report directly to Heir Ardishapur although the Governor will have the authority to directly request Ammatar Fleet deployments as necessary. The Ardishapur reorganization of the civil and military branches of the Mandate recasts each as separate centers of power answering to Yonis Ardishapur as Holder of Derelik region.

Morale among the Ammatar populace has risen considerably in the weeks since the announcement of Governor Salaf's appointment. As an ethnic Ammatar, his selection has allayed rising fears that the Ardishapur regime intended to permanently relegate the Ammatar people to a subservient role in the region. His years spent as a senior official at the Ministry of Assessment in Domain region have also attracted comment. Observers of imperial politics agree that the choice of Ekroz Salaf was a shrewd move by Yonis Ardishapur, given that the Governor represents an Ammatar figurehead untainted by the failings of the previous regime and of proven loyalty to the Amarr Empire.