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No Downtime Vol. 2!

2021-09-08 - 发布者 EVE Online Team

Tireless Capsuleers,

No Downtime starts today!

As you may have seen in the recent development blog, No Downtime starts today after 11:00 UTC. That means, if everything goes to plan, that on 9 September EVE Online will be entering uncharted territory yet again past the 24 hour mark.

The ultimate goal is for EVE to have no downtimes at all. The first step has been to shorten downtime, which is quickly approaching its asymptotic value of around 3 minutes. Then, the goal is to have fewer and fewer downtimes, eventually eliminating it altogether. This is a long-term goal and all of EVE’s technological advances are aimed towards that.

Just like last time, your help is required to flag everything that seems suspect or weird, letting us know how the game performs for you when you do the things you normally do.

There are a number of reasons why running another one of these experiments is beneficial:

  • Improvements which have been made since the last experiment can be validated
  • Things that may have regressed will be flagged
  • Memory usage will be observed
  • Verification that anything new is not making any downtime assumptions

Ultimately, an experiment such as this is dedicated to the Capsuleers of New Eden who hail from countries such as New Zealand, Japan, Korea, and Australia. As EVE Online has entered and launched in Korea and Japan over the past year, the activity in this timezone has increased, and not disturbing players during their peak hours is important.

For those that remember the video from 2019’s No Downtime, a whole lotta effort and power is needed for such a heroic stunt. Find out more about how that is possible in the No Downtime Vol 2 video.

To report any issues during the No Downtime experiment, please head over to the official thread on EVE Online forums that will open at 11:00 UTC on 9 September.