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Supercapitals Clash in Uemon

2011-02-16 - 发布者 Svarthol

Uemon, The Forge -- During the late hours of 113.02.14 a massive supercapital battle between Northern Coalition forces and the Eastern Block lead to the loss of 12 Titans.

One of the largest supercapital battles in New Eden occurred in Uemon, a low security system used by the Eastern block as a staging system for their attacks on the Geminate Region which is mostly now under control of the Northern Coalition.

While the Northern Coalition forces (mainly Morsus Mihi, Razor, Mostly Harmless, Majesta Empire, Brick Squad and RAGE) fielded 18 titans, 45 supercarriers and 121 capital ships, the Eastern Block (mainly Red Alliance, White Noise, SOLAR FLEET, Raiden and Legion of xXDeathXx) had 14 titans, 85 supercarriers and 38 capital ships. Subcapital support fleets entered the system later.

According to Silent Dodger from Red Alliance, the battle began when the Northern Coalition jumped into Uemon to kill several White Noise dreadnoughts. Simultaneously the Eastern Block jumped supercarriers to a friendly control tower where one supercarrier strayed beyond the shields; he was spotted by the NC, attacked and killed.

Supercarrier reinforcements from the Eastern block followed swiftly. Silent Dodger explained the fast response that "every one of us understand that such opportunities are rare". He added: "That was epic."

During several hours of heavy fighting, the NC lost 10 titans and 5 supercarrier, the Eastern Block lost 2 titans and 2 supercarriers. 36 capital ships were killed, the Eastern Block losing 4 of them.

The exact fleet compositions and losses are disputable but this battle is one of the largest supercapital battles in New Eden's history and the total losses in ISK are impressive.

Attempts to contact additional involved parties were unsuccessful at the time of writing.

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