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Theology Council Investigations continue

2007-03-01 - 发布者 Svarthol

Acol Yarwema, Chief Operative of the Theology Council, issued a statement yesterday regarding the recent attacks on Theology Council assets. He announced that the Council's ongoing investigation into the attacks, including the interrogation of two recently apprehended pilots, has confirmed earlier suspicions regarding the identity and intentions of those responsible. The statement did not name the suspected attackers.

Acol continued, “It is certain the capture of these suspects, aided by capsuleers loyal to our great Empire, will advance our investigations considerably. No doubt the true instigators of these attacks are working through third parties in an attempt to hide their involvement.”

Ashmod Chieh, spokesperson of the Kor-Azor family, released a press statement where the family condemned the attacks upon the Theology Council, judging them to be ‘’immoral and cowardly.´´ The press release further stated that the Kor-Azor family would be willing to help in the investigation or send general aid if the Council required it. The Theology Council has politely declined the aid of Kor-Azor at this time.

The statement of Kor-Azor comes at a time when the family has been widely criticized for the situation within its borders. Reports have filtered through of excessive brutality by Kor-Azor police forces. Adding to problems are several proclamations by Aritcio Kor-Azor that have been met with increasing disbelief. The most recent proclamation stated that any slaver found outside at the same time as Gaius (Aritcio's own slaver dog) would have its owner tortured to death, before its eyes, and would then be forced to eat the remains of said owner.