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Wildly Inappropriate Alliance Redeploys to Pure Blind

2010-01-25 - 发布者 Svarthol

ROIR-Y, Pure Blind - Wildly Inappropriate Alliance has redeployed its forces from Geminate to Pure Blind. Fleets and assets are still being moved in a bid to assist the Northern Coalition in their efforts, sources inside the alliance confirmed.

The alliance has decided to vacate Geminate after a sustained attack from combined forces including ATLAS, Cult of War, Gentleman's Club, Red Alliance and Solar Fleet for control of the region. The defending forces were mostly comprised of Wildly Inappropriate, Razor, Majesta Empire and R.A.G.E.

According to Nikodiemus of Wildly Inappropriate, the decision came when the defending forces realized they were too greatly outnumbered: "[Wildly Inappropriate had] to make a choice: either stand ground with [Razor] and weaken the [Northern Coalition] in general... or re-deploy."

Nikodiemus also added that the move will reinforce the Northern Coalition's ranks: "[Wildly Inappropriate] has re-deployed and is going to start putting the hurt on the [Northern Coalition's] enemies... I am very much looking forward to what the future holds for us," he stated.

Bobby Atlas, explained the reasons behind the invasion: "[it] was close to our home, had abundance of people we could attack close-by and was logistically the most viable location for a mobile campaign," he said.

According to Bobby Atlas, fights were abundant at first but they dried up as the war progressed: "[Razor] took the position of only defending against [sovereignty] contests and high-end attacks, as such we were forced to engage in a [sovereignty] war... [that] stretched the lines of [the northern coalition]."

The sudden move out of Geminate has put Wildly Inappropriate's member corporations under stress. Vaporize, a member of a corporation who recently left the alliance, explains that some of the most productive corporations in Wildly Inappropriate are leaving: "GLD, Eye of God and Freee already left... [as] for us, we love [Wildly Inappropriate] but the current direction of the alliance does not take advantage of our corp's capabilites," he said.

Wildly Inappropriate's forces have already been spotted in ROIR-Y, a strategic system for the Northern Coalition. Tomcat, leader of the alliance, has expressed his confidence in a bright future: "People may think we've been beating down and taken out of the fight but they are wrong. We are here, we will fight and we will win."

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