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Work In Progress: Two Titans Down

2008-11-02 - 发布者 Svarthol

Obe - The events of the last week will not be quickly forgotten by those involved in the current northern conflict, indeed the confirmed obliteration of two Avatar class titans will be the cause for some celebration within the enemies of the Band of Brothers alliance.

The operation to take down the most recent titan was the result of collaboration between the Razor, Morsus Mihi, and Pandemic Legion alliances. The Avatar was caught out by Pandemic Legion members after it had jump bridged an allied support fleet to the nearby system of E-OGL4.

Pandemic Legion and the forces from Morsus Mihi / Razor then called a temporary truce to strike a blow to their shared enemy, Band of Brothers. Quickly a cynosural field was generated and the Morsus Mihi / Razor capital fleets jumped into Obe to quickly dispatch the titan.

The Greater BoB Coalition's capital, and support fleet did attempt to arrive in time to save Shrike, but they were not quick enough. The forces on both sides that had arrived in system quickly engaged each other in what was a sizable battle between the capital and support forces. The result, although not as severe as losing a titan, were losses of ships on both sides with the GBC being left the worse off.