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Wormhole Explorers Deploy Control Tower

2009-03-14 - 发布者 Svarthol

New Eden - Days after the tragedy at Seyllin and the appearance of Wormholes throughout New Eden, the spirit of adventure and Man's quest for knowledge has produced what may be one of the first successes in a wave of capsuleer tower deployments in wormhole space.

Capsuleers have reported that the extremely aggressive nature of the inhabitants of the wormholes and the attacks on hapless explorers by professional pirates may deter the casual industrialist from exploiting any opportunities in the wormhole space. With that in mind, and having the resources and energy to put their plan in motion, members of the Legio V Fidelus [LFS] Corporation have braved the dangers and erected a control tower within a wormhole.

This project was the brain-child of LFS member Welsh Atlantian, who initially decided to move forward with the project after gaining Corporate approval. The end result was more than two weeks worth of fuel and resources at the newly erected structure, which will provide valuable data and insights for larger projects in the future. "The possibilities are brilliant," states Mr. Atlantian, "I've got ideas for my next wormhole expedition."

Many capsuleers have wondered whether a structure could survive in unknown space, as the routes to and from the unknown systems seem to move in an unpredictable way. When asked what sparked the expedition, Legio V Fidelus CEO, Lupus Aurelius, commented, "...it has been kind of an experiment - could a [tower] be set up as a base as it were, and what would be involved. Also, without a 'clear' route, what would be involved in getting in and out over time, and of course, the occasional [stranded Capsuleer]."

This expedition is proving that wormhole space exploration is not just for the extremely large Corporation or Alliance, but Mr. Aurelius cautions that this is something that "...requires significant teamwork to survive." One thing that has been learned in these early explorations is that a single pilot may discover something great, but he or she is not going to bring it out of a wormhole alone.

Mr. Aurelius also states that, "patience is the key." As with any major project, there a lot of variables that must be worked through. Logistically, will fuel be available when needed? How significant of a threat will the sleepers pose? Will opportunistic corporations try to mount some sort of offensive to remove or ransom structures placed in wormhole space? These questions will be answered, but only with time.

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