Extended Downtime for Patch deployment – Saturday, 22 November

Recently, some of our players have experienced performance issues in EVE. As this impaired the player experience and enjoyment of those affected, we consider these issues to be critical. To make sure the weekend is as enjoyable as possible for all players, we went into overdrive and are deploying a patch this Saturday, 22 November. The patch will require an extended downtime starting at 11:00 GMT and we expect to be back up at 13:00 GMT. During this downtime a portion of EVE Online: Quantum Rise 1.0.1 will be deployed and patch notes are available for your perusal.

This patch contains the performance fixes from the originally planned 1.0.1 patch. We will continue to work on other issues that have been found and will deploy those in an upcoming patch which will be released within the next two weeks.

Please discuss the patch in this forum thread.