Áfram Ísland! - Cheer for Iceland in Euro 2016!

Picture courtesy of @CCP_Kitteh (he's supporting Iceland in Euro 2016, are you?)

Over here in Iceland right now, there's a little bit of Euro 2016 fever going on as Iceland compete in their first major football tournament.

For many sports experts, it was expected that in their first major tournament Iceland would not make it past the group stages. However, in true traditional viking style it would appear that the Icelandic team have beaten the odds and are through to the knockout stages, facing host nation, France, this Sunday at the Stade de France for the quarter finals.

At CCP, as an Icelandic company born and bred, we've been watching closely and cheering on Iceland during this historic journey, and we want you, the amazing EVE Community, to join in the fun!

With this in mind, we're going to start granting server wide rewards for every active EVE account to celebrate each Icelandic victory in Euro 2016 from here forward, so be sure that you're cheering on Iceland as they attempt to battle their way into the history books!

On the day of each upcoming match, make sure that you're cheering on Iceland and posting pictures to show how you're supporting the team on twitter with the #EVEONLINE hashtag, for the chance to win a few PLEX here and there too!

Here's what will be coming to pilots (one reward per active account) should Iceland advance and win their forthcoming matches:

Quarter Finals Reward

France vs Iceland - Sunday 3 July, 21:00 (Saint-Denis)

  • Thorax Quafe Skin - Permanent
  • 1x Festival Launcher
  • 200x Barium Firework
  • 200x Copper Firework
  • 200x Sodium Firework

Semi Finals Reward

Match Time - Thursday 7 July, 21:00 (Marseille)

  • Megathron Quafe Skin - Permanent
  • 200x Barium Firework
  • 200x Copper Firework
  • 200x Sodium Firework

Finals Reward

Match Time - Sunday 10 July, 21:00 (Saint-Denis)

  • 1x Skill Injector
  • Hyperion Quafe Skin - Permanent
  • 2x Festival Launcher
  • 400x Barium Firework
  • 400x Copper Firework
  • 400x Sodium Firework

While the odds are being predicted to be against Iceland, here at CCP we're all hoping that they'll advance even further and add even more chapters to this amazing story!

Fear not though - Should Iceland be knocked out of Euro 2016 at any point, we'll still issue a consolation prize:

  • Tristan Quafe Skin - Permanent
  • 1x Festival Launcher
  • 200x Barium Firework
  • 200x Copper Firework
  • 200x Sodium Firework

We do hope that the entire community will join us in celebrating the amazing achievement by the Icelandic team so far, and we hope you'll cheer them on with us in the coming matches! 

Also, we have cake, thanks to CCP Bettik's commitment to smacktalking the competition: