Live from EVE Vegas - Special edition broadcast Oct 28 to 30

Watch the special edition EVE TV broadcast this weekend, October 28th to 30th, and enjoy the fabulous EVE Vegas player gathering. Amazing prizes included!

Join the amazing crew with CCP Mimic and CCP Tara, as there’ll be live streamed presentations, interviews with attendees, and giveaways of SKINs and PLEX for viewers to get involved with, including Crimson Harvest SKINs for the Armageddon, Arbitrator and Magnate.

As surprise from our sponsor Nvidia, we are delighted to present two awesome graphics cards as special prize on the live stream: one GTX 1080 and one GTX 1070 as giveaway!

Check out the mobile friendly EVE Vegas schedule (local Vegas time).

Broadcast schedule in UTC/EVE time:

Friday, Oct 28
22:00 UTC - Stream starts
23:00 UTC - Welcome to EVE Vegas
00:00 UTC - EVE Online Keynote

Saturday, Oct 29
17:00 UTC - Stream starts
17:30 UTC - The EVE Valkyrie development story
18:00 UTC - The EVE Valkyrie development story
18:30 UTC - Wormhole space from scratch
19:00 UTC - Game design
19:30 UTC - Game design
21:00 UTC - Inside the EVE Media
21:30 UTC - Cultivating a counter culture in New Eden
22:00 UTC - Clone States
22:30 UTC - Clone States
23:00 UTC - The Nomadic Life
23:30 UTC - How to be a content creator
00:00 UTC - EVE Online and social support networks
00:30 UTC - Streaming EVE Online

Sunday, Oct 30
17:00 UTC - Stream starts
17:30 UTC - Inception: the NPE
18:00 UTC - Inception: the NPE
18:30 UTC - Scaling EVE's social cliff
19:00 UTC - Art & visual effects updates
19:30 UTC - Art & visual effects updates
20:30 UTC - The importance of changing your playstyle
21:00 UTC - The solar system
21:30 UTC - Closing Ceremony

See you on the stream!