o7: The EVE Online show - This Thursday at 20:00 EVE Time

Stop by our Twitch channel at 20:00 EVE time this Thursday (Feb 26) for a live broadcast from CCP HQ in Reykjavik.

In this episode...

  • We'll talk to game designers CCP Rise and CCP Fozzie about upcoming balance changes and more
  • CCP Arrow introduces interesting upcoming UI changes
  • We'll interview dedicated video makers and space heros JonnyPew and Wingspan TT
  • And last but not least...we'll premiere a new action-packed segment called "Celebrity Shootout!"
  • ..and who knows, maybe we'll venture into space before the end of the show to take on all comers.

What happens when two legendary Fleet Commanders and renowned PvP specialists are forced to fight without their minions under impossible conditions?

See you on Twitch!